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Two qualifications – Diverse knowledge – Comprehensive services

I am a language trainer and translator. Before, throughout and following my studies, I have worked in many different industries and gained experience in a wide variety of sectors, including:

• Administration and social insurance
• Law
• Education
• Cultural organizations
• Publishing
• Advertising
• Film and TV

After establishing myself in the business world, I have also successfully completed several accountancy courses in evening classes.

Immediately following my degree I worked in London from 2013 to 2014 as a translator and subtitler for a well-established localization and language services company, and I continue to undertake projects with them.

Today, my clients are companies, organizations and offices in the UK, Canada, the US, and Germany.
In addition to English and French I have also undertaken classes in Spanish, Norwegian, Czech, and Persian. Although I do not translate from these languages, my translation and training work benefits from this additional knowledge – and so will you. Only someone who really knows what it is like to be a student can be a good teacher!

Outside of my work life, I am involved in social and social-political matters, especially on topics such as accessibility and equality, social inclusion and integration. If time permits, I am a keen crafter, reader and blog author.

For your company, I can offer a comprehensive package of services, be it translation of documents, websites or video material, employee language training or assistance in administration. It is rewarding to be able to assist my clients from A to Z, and to support their success.

I have a wide network of colleagues and can work with others for any specialist areas outside of my experience through my memberships in BDÜ – the German translators association, SUBTLE – the British subtitler’s organization, and CIOL – the Chartered Institute of Linguists.
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Dörthe Busch

Dörthe Busch

B.Ed., M.A.

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A text is more than just the sum of its words

With more than 300 million native English speakers and over 600 million more people in our world speaking English as a second language, most texts nowadays are translated either from or into English. English has become the lingua franca of the business world – even Chinese will not compete with English in the near future. Although many people may speak several languages, a translator is much more than a walking dictionary – he or she is first and foremost a language artist. Translators transfer content from one language to another in a way that is not recognisable as a translation at all. It is their job to keep their work as invisible as possible.

I will translate your texts accurately and stylistically appropriately from English into German, and also from German into English, if required. I will consider and work with all terminology and stylistic guidelines provided by the client in order to match the corporate language. On request, I can also ensure proofreading by a second translator through my network. If you have a text that requires simply proofreading or editing, I’ll be happy to assist with that also.

To ensure consistency of your content’s translation, I work with terminology databases and translation memory systems. In addition, my software enables me to translate a variety of file formats without converting, endless copying and pasting etc., including MS Office and Open Office, websites, InDesign or Photoshop files.

I am specialised in:

• Contract Law and Terms and Conditions
• Data Privacy and Consumer Protection
• Instructions, Manuals, and Training Material
• Quality Management, Documentation, and Occupational Health and Safety (QHSSE)
• Due Diligence and Audit Reports
• Accounting
• Administration and Social Insurance

I would l also be happy to assist in any bilingual correspondence or corporate communication needs (both with internal and external clients). However, perhaps you would like to take care of that yourself – after one or more successful language trainings with me!

Furthermore, due to my experience and personal interests, I can also assist with the following topics:

• Leisure and Tourism
• Education and Culture
• Integration and Inclusion
• Social Policy
• Marketing

As a member of Berufsverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (BDÜ) and the American Translators Association (ATA) and through my network of colleagues with different language combinations and specializations, we will surely find a solution for your translation needs.
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Language and Culture Training

Bringing the world to you?

Say you are about to work or do business in Germany but you are not sure whether your German will stand the test of the German authorities?
Or perhaps your company hires experts from all over the world for your German offices, and you would like to offer your new talent some German classes, so that they feel at home more easily?
Or your corporate language has just switched to English as a result of internationalisation but your local employees are not yet at a conversational English language level? Whatever your need may be, we’ll find the key to your language training question: get in touch with me here.
I’ll be happy to create your individual training concept for:

• Language and culture training
• English and Germanh
• for beginners and advanced classes
• general or business language
• in private lessons or in small groups
• as short and intensive courses or for a longer period of time

Lessons German/English:

45 minutes - 40,00€
60 minutes - 50,00€
90 minutes - 80,00€
120 minutes - 100,00€

Subtitles and Voice-over scripts

Motion pictures - words in motion

Imagine you have produced a brilliant video, maybe a presentation for your company’s anniversary, a training video or simply to say “Thank you” or “Merry Christmas” to your employees and partners.
The problem is: your international employees and business associates will miss out because they cannot understand the language well enough or at all.
Or what if... part of the audience will enjoy the visual content but – for whatever reason – is unable to hear what you have to say?
Use subtitles to make your video accessible to everyone!
I work according to the subtitling standards proposed by AVTE (AudioVisual translators Europe) and can create subtitles for your video in German or English in various different file formats, such as *.stl, *.pac, *.srt, *.xml. All that is required is your video (preferable with time stamp) and some details on your target audience.
If your message is audio only, I also transcribe audio material for translation and recording in another language.
If subtitles are not what you need, I will also be happy to translate your voice-over script. (Please note however that I do not create dubbing scripts!)
Or maybe you have the subtitles all ready to go and just need a translation? Or you need subtitles created from a script? Simply get in touch!

I have created subtitles and voice-over scripts for:

• Film and TV
• Museums
• End-of-quarter and end-of-year reports
• Internal corporate communication and employee motivation videos
• External corporate communication and advertising
• Training videos

Lastly, if you have any questions regarding audio description (i.e. the description of a video for the blind and visually impaired), please do not hesitate to contact me!


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